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Water Supply And Seweaage Construction Company
- Construction and installation of water plants, wastewater treatment plants, water supply and drainage pipelines of all scales - Erection of pumping stations, compressed air stations, industrial pipelines. - Construction of industrial, civil and housing works, interior and exterior decoration; Installation of sanitary fittings, water supply and drainage equipment; indoor and outdoor ventilation equipment. - Manufacture and construction of materials, equipment and fittings for water supply and sewerage sector - Import, export and trade of specialized materials, equipment and fittings for water supply and sewerage sector -
Viet Nam Wind - Power Joint Stock Company
Vinh Thai Construction & Decoration Company Limited
Vinausteel - Australia Vietnam Steel Joint Venture Company
Viet Nam Construction & Import Export Corporation
- Contracting for infrastructure, industrial, civil engineering, water supply, drainage and environ mental projects, reservoirs, power lines, substations etc..., both domestically and internationally. - Supply of manpower to foreign firms, including management staff at site, engineers, technicians, foremen, workers of different professions, common labour. - lmportand export of construction equipment, machinery and materials, furniture, decorations and other commodities, equipment and facilities for automation technology lines, etc. - Production of building material and other products for the construction industry, production installation and repair of equipment and faci lities of automation technology lines. - Consultant services for tending, design, construction, project management, automation technology transfer - Property business, services of goods delivery and transportation
Ha Noi Trading Civil Engineering Construction Company
- Export import and business equipment material, means trafic enginerring , producing material, agriculture, aquatic product, consumer's goods - To construction trafic engineering , industry - To products building materials : ... - To product export goods - To admit temporarily , re-appear...
Viet Arch Company
TTT Trading & Construction Joint Stock Company
- Viet Nam leading 's Interior Contractor - With TTT company, we ensure that we strive to increase the business effectiveness of our clients, by providing workplace solution that successfully integrate and support technology, people and work processes. We ensure that which TTT supplies making your life better. So, when you choose TTT Company to design, construct your new office, there is no need to worry about problems with telephone and fax number or electricity and water connections. TTT Company has a good relationship with the government and can ensure these service are provided immediately and without disruption.
Per Aarsleff A/S (PAA)
Architects & Construction Service Company

- For an engineering company, 25 years is truly a challenge. Especially for a company that started from a very difficult stage like A.C.S.C, 25 years ago, facing endless crisic, yet still growing and expanding its spirit of company. A.C.S.C believes that of founding is difficult the maintaining is even more difficult - .C.S.C which moves toward a multi-engineering route, an addition to its basic construction industry role, has improved its quality and performance best to potential clients
Austnam Metal Roofing Factory
Bridge & Tunnel Engineering Consultants Company

- Feasibility and pre-design services. - Technical and financial evaluation. - Environmental assessment. - Engineering design. - Tedering and contract administration. - Resident engineering and inspection. - Training assistance. - Operation and maintenance manuals. - Providing consulting service for the construction high tower. - Topographic and hydrological investigations. - Load testing on engineering structure.
Cavico Viet Nam Company

- Traffic and hydraulic construction works - Civil works, industrial construction - Power project up to 35KV - Earth work and mining; equipament and machinery leasing service - Trading of production and consumption materials. - Sale-purchase agent. - Trading of Constructing materials ... - Son La Branch: No.406 group ChiengLe, To Hieu St., Son La Province - Tel : 022 8 57444 - Fax : 022 8 57444
The Consultants-Designers-Constructors Corporation - CDC

- Setting up investment study for civil, industrial, irrigational, infrastructural and invironmental projects. - Geological survey and site investigation - Planning and detailed design for residential, urban and industial projects - Main consulting, design, total cost estimation and final calculation for civil, industrial, road, irrigational and infrastructural projects. - Assessment on technical design, total cost estimation and final calculation of construction works. - Assessment of construction quality on civil, indutrial, road, irrigational, infrastructural works. - Main constructor, project managemennt, technical supervision for construction and equipment installation for civil, industrial, road, irrigational, infrastructural and environmental works. -
Project Land Office Survey Company
Construction Mechinery Corporation

- Production : Construction, concrete, brick and conveyor equipment, bucket, screw, electrostatic precipitator, Steel structure, industrial housing frame, force beam, space frame - Construction-Irriagetion-Transportation : Construction of industrial and civil house, school, hospital , Construction of pumping station, dyke, water reservoir embankment; execution of transportation high way - Installation / Erection : Installation of technology equipment, piping; insulation for industrial projects . Erection of industrial housing frame, production workshop , Installation of automatically, electrically equipment, instrument, testing commissioning - Other services : Providing of equipment for industrial thermal power, Training of skill worker; Import - Export of material, equipment , Export of labour , Construction Investment Consultancy , Designing.
Contruction Real Estate Co - District 10 ( Conresco )

- Commercial buildings construction - Industrial and civil construction - Construction of roads, bridges and ports - Levelling grounds for sub-base - Residential buildings construction - Design consultancy - Petrol Agency
Midland Construction Corporation - Coseevco
Thanh Nam Construction Engineering Company Limited

- Civil construction - Industial Construction - Infrastructure Construction - Interior decorations - Material Manufacturing
Vietnam-Sweden Cooperation Programme on Land Administration Reform - CPLAR
VNCC- VietNam Contruction Company
Mien Trung Construction Company

- Building civil and industrial works. - Constructing communication, irrigational works, Trans former post under 35 kv - Interior and exterior decoration. - Trading various kinds of materials, Equipment and consume goods
DCM - Denton Corker Marshall Group
DESCON No- 2 Industry Construction Company

- Providing consultant services of investment and construction for industrial & civil Projects, layout and infrastructure design for industrial zone & residential areas, complete design industrial & civil Projects, including layouts, architectural, structural and M & E design, interior decoration, waste water treatment plant, landscaping... - Undertaking industrial & civil Projects, including lump sump turn-key contract form. - Undertaking renovation and upgrade of existing Projects, providing maintenance services for Projects and services systems
DIC Contrucstion Development Invesment Corporation
- Investment development city and industrial zones . - Constructions fittings - Design advisory - Import export business - Materials business products - Travels business - Houses and lands business. - Hiring construction equipment.
Dong Anh Mechanical Steels Structure Factory
Dong Duong Company Limited

- Dong Duong Company specialize in manufacturing high quality scaffolding, form-work products which used for building industry. Besides, we also specialize in designing and installing stages and stands through country
Erection & Construction Company 45-1

- The Company has participated in the construction and erection works of many industrial projects those are very important towards the Vietnam national economy, such as: Hydro power plants, thermal power plants, cement plants, paper mills, food processing factories, chemical plants....
HACINCO Student Village Administration House

- Construction Investment Arrangement - Providing consultant services for capital construction - Providing capital investment security for all domestic private companies - Build and rebuild civil and industrial construction, earthworks, irrigation and transportation systems - Undertake interior design, install low-voltage electricity systems, water and sewerage systems, and ventilation systems. - Especially, as a representative for many well-known painting companies with a skilled construction painting team, Hacinco not only provides painting materials but also undertakes many painting contracts for big constructions such as: Sheraton hotel, Ho Tay hotel, National Press Center 37 Hung Vuong - Producing construction material and carrying business on interior design, house sale and office rental, hospitality, and tourism services, - Forming joint venture with different companies, private as well as governmental, and foreign partners to develop the company's production and business.
Hainal-Konyi Engineering Consultancy Vietnam Company

- Civil & Structural - Geotechnical - Environmental - Mechanical & Electrical - Accredited Checker
Han-Viet Heavy Industry & Construction Corporation - HANVICO

- Handling Equipment - Fabrication Equipment - Welding Equipment - Machining Equipment - Painting & Packing
Hazama Corporation
- To function as a Liaison Office and to conduct market research. - To accelerate the execution of contracts, agreements on construction concluded between HAZAMA and the Vietnamese economic and technical institutions . - To promote the elaboration of projects on construction cooperation of HAZAMA in Vietnam.
Himlam Trading Company Limited

- Buying , wholesales consumer goods, groceries, industrial, clothes, metalware equipment, handicraft, agriculture goods - To consignment goods agents - To plant trees industrial, agriculture, goods transport by road, transport services - Trading bulding materials and interior decorator goods - To process building materials : pounding stones,.. - To exploit stones , building material - To producing fitting aluminum door, metal door - Housing business - Civil & industrial construction
Humi Contructions Company Limited

- Industrial construction works such as factories, warehouses, stores, workshops, water tanks, water towers, projects belonging to the infrastructures, etc - Projects in bridges & roads as ferro-concrete bridges, steel bridges, asphalt-concrete roads, mixed-stone roads, and so on - Executing the works of leveling the surface, digging the tunnels, and the underground projects by mechanical implements - Building the wharfs & ports and dredging the rivers and seas - Civil construction works, for instance, dwelling houses, high-standard villas, headquarters, halls, and superior hotels - Investment & construction of apartments, industrial zones, infrastructures for sales & lease - Free- consultancy on construction, investment laws, investment places & lands for the overseas counterparts
Hung Huong Construction and Trading Company Limited

- Building, installing and perfecting civil and industrial electricity. - Buying and selling building raw materials - Households Decoration - Manufacturing iron products - Buying and selling office accommodation. - Add : 50 Ph Hng Cho - Qun ng a - H Ni. - Tel : 844 - 6450033 - Fax: 844 - 6450294
Industry Design Consulting Company

Scope of activities for industrial and civil project up to Group A - Seek and recommend investment opportunities. - Establish feasibility study and obtain investment license. - Carry out land and geological survey, set up civil investigation report. - Inspect technical design. - Carry out detail design for industrial, civil project and power-source projects, ransformer stations, power cables up to 220KV. - Design and plan in detail residental area, urbanly-functioned areas and industrial parks. - Consult for construction and equipment tenders. - Perform project management. - And other consulting services
Construction Development & Investment Company

+ Investment & Construction Development Company are willing to design and construct all kinds of project for domestic and international tender; Main Contractor for turn-key projects, partly tender, design, construction and installation of electricity, water, ventilation, internal decoration + Allowed by the Government in the following fields: Investment in housing. Development, urban infrastructures, industrial parks, civil work, transport, post office, water, electricity, construction consulting ... +Investment & Construction Development Company are willing to Cooperate with private and state owned organizations, local and foreign companies in consuming products of construction. We strongly believe that we will bring to our partner not only good quality but also spirit value as well as creative ideal in business activity.
Investment & Contrustion Development Company

+ Investment & Construction Development Company are willing to design and construct all kinds of project for domestic and international tender; Main Contractor for turn-key projects, partly tender, design, construction and installation of electricity, water, ventilation, internal decoration + Allowed by the Government in the following fields: Investment in housing. Development, urban infrastructures, industrial parks, civil work, transport, post office, water, electricity, construction consulting ... +Investment & Construction Development Company are willing to Cooperate with private and state owned organizations, local and foreign companies in consuming products of construction. We strongly believe that we will bring to our partner not only good quality but also spirit value as well as creative ideal in business activity.
Tan Thuan Industrial Promotion Company

- Other Projects : + Dredging the Soai Rap River; + Developing a deep-water port; + Developing a large-scale Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park (IP). - More Operations : + Cooperation in exploitation, production and trading of building materials and export products; + Offering investment consultancy services and related matters to foreign investors who wish to do business in Vietnam
Kim Son Construction & Real Estate Corporation

- Civil and industrial construction - Investing in building infrastructure for new population zones schemed by approved projects to transfer land for housing - Consulting on architectural design Setting up investment projects - Main Contractor of ground leveling and filling, building bridges, roads, offices and plants. - Trade services
Kingsmen Vietnam Company Ltd
Kinh Company
Kirby Buildings Systems
Infrastructure Development and Construction Corporation
- Construction of civil projects - Construction of industrial projects - Construction of hidro electric power & thamal powers projects - Construction of the irrigation & industrial zones infrastructure - Making communication lines, roads - Water draignage supply & environment sanitation works - Construction material & industrial production - Manpower export - Housing business & development etc
Minh Long & An Construction Design Consultancy Co ., Ltd

- Construct civil & industrial buildings. - Construct the countryside bridge at level 3. - Construct, renovate, interior decoration. - Build Infrastructure. - Elevate the floor, widen the firm. - Renovate the drainage system & electricity. - Construct flower garden, swimming pools, ports stadiums of all kinds. - Against the leak and soaking. - Trade real estate - Produce, supply constructive materials: + Doors, windows, aluminous ceilings, aluminous walls of all kinds. + Doors, iron windows. + Doors, wooden windows. +Wooden walls, shelves, cupboards, furniture. + All kinds of composite tanks. + All kinds of paintings. + Automatic controlling boards
Nam Long House Development Private Company

- The company is one of the first privately-owned companies in the property sector formed during the early days of Vietnams economic reform in the 1990 - The company operates actively in the following areas: + A Building contractor for residential, industrial and urban development projects, property sales; + An Investment and developer of properties and infrastructure
Tone Construction Viet Nam Company Limited

- Is a leading foundation construction company of Japan in Vietnam. TONECO is formed by Tone Geo Tech - a company specialized in foundation construction of Japan with 80 years experience in many countries. - Along with our foundation execution, TONECO has specialized business unit's focus on leasing, repair and maintenance construction machinery and equipment, water well drilling and geological survey. Other than Vietnam, TONECO has executed the foundation work in other Countries.
Nam Thanh Industry & Construction Corporation

- Construction of civil & industry works. - Consultation on the design, production and installation of all types of pre-fabricated houses in all apertures. - Production, installation and construction of industrial steel structures. - Construction of communication, hydrodynamics works and surface leveling. - Production and installation of machines for lifting and moving such as elevators, escalators, conveyor belts.
Phu Tho Company Limited
- Production : + Multifunctional steel formwork system + Scaffolding & pipe support + Movable pre-fabricated house - Tent + Pre-fabricated shell + Office & Store made of container + Various kinds of metal door - Construction : + Intuctrial & Civil works + Communication & Hydraulic works + Providing - Leasing & Re-buy the formwork & scaffolding system
Saigon Real Estate Corporation

- Doing business relating to houses in accordance with Decree No 61/CP dated 5th, July 1994 of the Government. - Surveying, designing and building civil-industrial construction works and infra structure of all scales. - Doing interior decoration, repairing, servicing, maintaining and upgrading of construction works of all kinds. - Producing, installing, repairing, servicing, maintaining and doing business relating to lifts and equipment in high class or high-rise buildings. - Producing and doing business relating to building materials, interior decoration materials for domestic sale and export. - Providing construction consultancy and essential services relating to residential house, residential land and houses for use as offices to all domestic and foreign economic sectors.
Sach Dep Environmental Joint Stock Company

- Clean, polish,and protect building material surfaces - Clean civil works, specific works built to transfer. - Clean all stains caused of sweat, oil, dust; polish and protect building material surfaces of works in progress of constructing or already in use. - Clean surfaces such as: cement, flowered enamelled tiles, marble, bricks, ceramic tiles, wood and hygiene equipment. - Clean all stains caused by sweat,oil, dust. Polish and protect surfaces of interior decorating things and equipment such as: desks, computers, fax machines, photocopy machines, air- conditionings, cabinets, etc, for your offices and houses. - Clean all types of glass doors and windows,inside and outside, and buildings. - Paint walls as required. - Wash jute, woollen, fur carpets, personal chairs, sofas at sight without interrupting your work. - Clean and paint iron and wooden doors and windows, etc. - Clean dust, clean chair and deodorize inside all types of cars. - Kill insects, mice, mosquitoes, cockroach, ants, etc. - Provide odd jobs daily, weekly, monthly.
General Sao Mai Construction Company - An Giang Province
Construciton And Housing Business Center
Transpost Engineering Design INC South Company
+ Preparation of technical and financial proposals for the transport development projects including pre-feasibility study and feasibility study, planning, detailed design, tender documents and construction supervision. + Hydrographical and topographical surveys, soil investigation and laboratory tests, foundation and pavement structure investigation + Quality evaluation of transport construction projects. + Review of the transport development projects. + Experimental performance of transport engineering research projects. + Consulting to Ministry of Transport on transport development strategy.
Thang Long Construction Corporation

+ Construct pre - stressed , concrete structure and bridge project superstructure by using special technologies such as cantilever casting and incremental lounching methods. + Construct steel structure and bridge projects . + Construct foundation for bridge , high building project with cast - in - place piling method ( boring ), Diameter of pile from 600mm to 3000mm + Drive steel sheet pile for foundation of bridge piers , water tank , river and sea port with static and dynamic method + Fabricate pre-stressed concrete precast and steel bridge superstructures with large spans. + Provide skilled worker training work and labour export services in civil engineering including: - Bridge erecting worker. -Diving worker -Construction equipment operator. -Electric and Gar welding worker.
Viet Steel Manufacture & Trading Co., Ltd

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