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Vietnam Food & Medicine - Foodstuff
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  2. Food (25)
  3. Pharmaceuticals (23)
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  5. Foodstuff main page
Companies Export Import Trading
Online goods Distributors Motor and car Banking and Finance
Consumer goods Food and Drink Suppliers Equipment - Material
Home appliances Fashion Machinary
Viet Nam Food Industries Company
- Instant noodles, Instant "Pho", Instant rice vermicelli, Instant porridge, soup powder, chilli sauce...etc
Instant noodles Joint-Venture Processing Company
Trang An Confectionnery Company

- Manufacturing of chewry candy , hard candy , hollow sticks wafer, snack , season, Wine...
Thien Huong Food Company

- Specialist in producing goods as belows : instant noodles, instant rice noodles,
Tai Tai Ptrcesing & Trading Peanuts Foodstuff Company Ltd
- The roasted peanuts bearing the registered brand of TAI TAI have a great variety of flavours such as: coconut flavoured peanuts, salted peanuts, peanuts in fried fish skin style. During the recent times, we have without cease developed them and produced more multifarious and new species namely: cheese snack crackers, prawn snack crackers, vegetable flavoured peanuts, salted skinning-off peanuts, coffee flavoured peanuts, with the aim to meet the market demands and the consumer taste of our distinguished client. All products of TAI TAI are warranted to be of hygienic safety as required by the Agency for management of foodstuff quality
Tan Tan Foodstuff Company Limited

- Manufacturing Funmix Roasted Peanuts , Cuttlefish Flavour roasted Peanuts, Coconut Flavour Roasted Peanuts , Coffee Flavour Roasted Peanuts , Vegetable Flavour Roasted Peanuts , Prawn Flavour Roasted Peanuts...
Kim Linh Trading & Services Company Limited
Song Huong Import Export Seafood Company

- The Export - commodities: + The traditional commodities such as: Frozen block and IQF Shrimps: green tiger prawn, black tiger, flower, pink, cat tiger shrimp in form of whole, headless, PD, etc. + The products are processed from cuttlefish, squid: Sashimi fillet, double skinless, whole, dried squid skinless, whole clean, etc. + All kinds of frozen whole fishes, fillet, seasoning leather jackets, other products processed from fishes. + All kind of forest and agricultural products. - The Import - commodities: + Material of machines, equipments used to process the fishery commodities. + Building materials and consumer goods.
Song Gianh Quality Seafood Company
- Specilizes in trading and processing of quality frozen seafood products for export. We have a modern seafood factory in a middle of Vietnam.
Quehuong Green Bean Cake Company Limited

- It's an unique green bean cake productivie foundation that is The Red Cross Association of province and Hai Duong city chosen to corporation business to build up the hurmance fund and solving the job of priviledged. - It's green bean cake productive foundation that is The trustest and biggest in Haiduong Province - Vietnam.
Vietnamese Noodle Soup

- Pho has been famous for its taste and at the same time, appreciated as a wholesome, nutritious meal. It has all the qualities a health-conscious eater would look for: fresh, natural and ... always, delicious! To appreciate Pho requires more than just loving to eat it, one would need to "know" everything about its preparation. What makes authentic Pho so stimulating is quite simple: long hours of simmering the choicest beef produces a broth that maintains its full and rich flavor, which is delicately seasoned with seven different types of natual spices to give an aroma and taste that can only be described as ..... irresistible! - Pho provides a delicious one-dish meal for your breakfast, lunch or even dinner. You will be served a bowl of light-bodied broth ladled over your choice of beef, accompanied by fresh rice noodle and garnished with coriander and onions. Basil leaves, bean sprouts and green peppers are optional to your liking
Na Na Food Company Limited

- We are manufacturing products with "NANA" trademark such as: Syrup, Instant Pudding & Jelly powder, Soft ice-cream powder, Purified drinking water, Enery Drink E-200. - Our factory equipped with most modern machinery and bring in most avanced food and beverage technologies from USA, Japan and Taiwan. With international quality and hygiene standard, we provide many varieties of foods beverage to satisfy the demand Vietnamese and oversea markets - Head office: 147/3 Su Van Hanh (exlonged) St, Ward.12, Distreet 10, HCMC, VN - Tel: (84-8) 8.655.143 - Fax: (84-8) 8.629.094 - FACTORY : Hoa Binh Ward, Thuan An Dist., Binh Duong Province, Vietnam Tel: (84-650) 743.871 - Fax: (84-650) 756.020 Email:
Minh Nam Company Limited

- To meet the demand of the society in the period of Industrializing and Modernizing, to let working staff feel safe to enjoy the meal which is hygienic, nutritious, tasty and comfortable. MINA would like to introduce CATERING SERVICE. We specializes in providing collective food service for organizations: Industrial Park, factories, offices, hotels, buildings, hospitals, schools and universities. - MINA has been established to satisfy the above requirements. The company is constantly upgraded with advanced technologies and management policies, providing as much nutritious and sanitary condition at a low cost. This helps our products and services satisfy existing customers and reach new marking.
Co-operative Alliance Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City

- Representing and defending legalistic benefits of co-operatives and the Co-operative Alliance - Communicating and mobilizing for o-operatives and the economic development of o-operatives - Participating in building the legal policies of co-operatives - Representing the co-operatives and the Co-operative Alliance in relating activity which combining between domestic and foreign members - Mobilizing to guide the individual and yeoman economy of families, others for developing the economy of co-operation and co-operatives - Participating in building the strategy and setting up the plan and program of economy of co-operation and co-operatives - Associating members' opinions and aspiration in reflecting, petitioning, putting forward the government and competent civil service for concerned policies and legality. - Organizing the activities of consultancy, supporting and supplying co-operatives in legality, investment of science technology, financial information, credits, markets and other fields. - Summing up, disseminating experiences of advanced and symbolic co-operatives and organize emulative movements in alliance system
Kcomputer Computer Store
Jumviex Viet Nam Company Limited

- We are specilized in manufacturing artificial flowers , plant, garland, tree, vegetable & fruit with fragrance
Hoan My Company Limited

- We are a manufacturer of decoration for wedding, birthday and Christmas cake. - Our main products are decorations for wedding, birthday and Christmas cake, animals and flowers made by sugar, jam and essence of plant. - Add: 455/3, An Duong Vuong St., Dist.5, HCMC, Vietnam - Tel: (848) 8.331.984 - Fax: (848) 8.224.953
Ha Long Canned Food Stock Corporation
Hai Ha - Kotobuki Joint Venture Company Ltd

- Our company specializes in producing candy products with high quality such as : Snack ,BimBim, cookies, chewing gum, bubble gum, fruit hard candies, LOLLIPOP, chocolatte
Hai Chau Confectionery Company
Gia Bao Golden Dragon Greenbean Cake Limited Company
- The Gia Bao Golden Dragon greenbean Ltd., Co The unique high quality greenbean cake manufacturer. - Developed from Hai Duong Golden Dragon greenbean cake, our company always applied modern technology to improve quality, guarantee, model, meet the demand of domestic and foreign consumers. It thanks to a special know-how that have been awarded first prize for quality of the greenbean cake by the Hai Duong Scientific Coalition Association - Add : No 36 Km48 Highway 5 (Hanoi-Hai Phong) Nguyen Luong Bang Street, Hai Duong City
Thai Ha Street Vietnam Rice

- Our restaurant system has open for over 10 years’s experiences in the service, each location has invididual characteristics but one unique common character that consists of: + Manner of careful and wholehearted service. + Luxury indoor furniture and mmodern equipment. + Regularly rising new things. + And the most special aspect is the very popular price.
Bien Hoa Confectionery Corporation
- Manufacturing and trading confectionery (biscuits, cookies, candies) and starch syrup. - Exporting confectionery (biscuits, cookies, candies) and starch syrup. - Importing equipments, technology and raw materials for the production of confectionery (biscuits, cookies, candies) and starch syrup.
Asia Food Industry Company Limited
- Applying " the High-Tech in food industry ", we have marketed many high-quality products : Instant Noodles : Over 30 various kinds of products The Trade-Mark : ASIFOOD *Serving size : 1.76 or (50g) to 3.0 (85g)/ pack *Instant Noodles are packed in the beatiful, attractive, and hygienic packages, contained in carton boxes of different serving sizes : 30, 40, 50, 100 packs/box + Some of top instant noodles : Pork flavour, chicken flavour, beef flavour, duck flavour, shrimp flavour, ground meat flavour, Vegetale - Mushroom flavour noodles and snack for children. + Instant rice noodles (made out of rice) : beef or chicken flavour + Roasted peanut flavoured with coconut juice Instant Porridge
Asin Software & Trading Services Company Limited
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