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Vietnam Mechanical & Equipment

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Vietnam Mechanical & Equipment
  1. Equipment (38)
  2. Home Supplies (15)
  3. Machines (35)
  4. Mechanical (36)
Companies Export Import Trading
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Consumer goods Food and Drink Suppliers Equipment - Material
Home appliances Fashion Machinary
Vietnam Metal and Steel exchange, Vietnam steel Market online
YngHua Viet Nam Company Limited
Viet Duc Welding Electrode Company

- Covered electrodes are seperated by four groups : + For joining on mild steel and low alloy steel with medium tensile strength. + For joining on mild steel and low alloy steel with high tensile strength and high yield strength. + For surfacing and hardfacing . + Special electrodes for: stainless steel .
Viet Hung Manufacturing & Trading Company Limited
Top Winner Precision Industrial Company Limited
Manufacturing, trading and dealing of all kinds of Metal Working Machinery, Production Lines and Whole-Plant Equipment
Thien Long Aluminium Factory
- Thien Long Aluminium Factory are a manufacturer of industrial aluminium: Shell of stop-light, high technology of weilding and cutting aluminium composition, alloy plates for pattern, .v.v.
Thang Long Scale Company
Thang Long Metal Wares Company

- The Thang Long Metal Wares Company is a State owned enterprise (SOE) that is under the Hanoi Industry Department, specializing in the manufacture of domestic utensils and machine parts from sheet metals by the technology of pressure processing and many other advanced technologies. The products are protected and decorated with plating, painting, enameling, dyeing...Equipped with modern production lines, the company can manufacture 2.5-3.0 million product units a year. - Line of products : Inox sinks , water tanks, Super Dream Frame , Stainless Steel Bowl , Stainless Steel Cutlery , water pump components , Stainless Steel Mug...
Tapper & Wilcox (Vietnam) Company
- Add : 5A Shields Crescent - Booragoon 6154 - Western Australia - Phone: (61) 8 9330 1433; - Fax: (61) 8 9317 1805 - Email : - Is a company that has established a reputation as a leader specializing in the Design and Construction of Mechanical & Electrical .Engineering Services.
KidWell Internation Corporation
Nam Hai Ru Lo Company
Refrigeration Electrical Engineering Corporation

- REE started with the M&E (Mechanical and Electrical) business and is now the most successful corporation in Vietnam with a wide range of business portfolios, including M&E contracting, manufacturing, trading and other financial investments.
Quoc Thai Company Limited
Quoc Minh Maritime Engineering And Trading Co., Ltd

- Supplying materials, appliances, spare parts for waterway means. - Providing provisions, fresh water, ship cleaning services and garbage collection - Manufacturing, assembling and maintain iron frames for warehouses and other structures.
Phu Cuong Mechanical Company Limited

- Specialize in machine tools such as press brake machine, milling machine, planer, grinder, boring-machine, lather, drill, hydraulic press machine, which are imported from developed industrial countries like Japan, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Russia, Korea, China, Taiwan, India, etc... - We also provide mechanical cutting and measuring tools such as Lathe tool, Milling cutter, micrometer, vernier caliper, Dial indicator
Pharung Shipyard Company
- Repair and conversion at the shipyard. - Voyage repair. - Repair & Marine services at the Branches. - Fabricate and installation heavy steel constructs for projects. - Discharging at the piers of the shipyard. - Demolishing old vessels.
Indochine Engineering/ Tan Dong Duong Company Ltd,

- Investigation, Planning & Advisory Services - Concept Design & Localisation Expertise - Design & Documentation - Services Tendering, Procurement & Contract Award - Construction Management - Cost Planning & Management - Operating Management Services
Omron Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd

- Engineering and Solution Services - Technical Services - Product Information Services - Seminars and Training Services - Omron Contributing to Society.
Nghia Nipper Manufacturing Enterprise
- Our main products are: bone-cutting nipper, nail-cutting nipper - Other products: eyebrow-pulling spring, nail file, special instruments for false nail. - We also produce nail- making instruments on models as ordered by our customers.
No 2 Engineer Part Company

- Add : 500 Tr­êng Chinh - Ph­êng 14 - QuËn T©n B×nh - HCM - Tel : (84.8).8426819
Machines And Industrial Equipment Corporation

- Manufacture complete equipment for industrial branches as: construction material production; agricultural product and foodstuffs processing; Chemical and Petrochemical industry; Mineral exploration and exploitation - Manufacture spare parts and machines as: Machine tools including CNC machine tools, engineering and hydraulic squeezer, branding machines, cutting machine; Irrigation and Industrial Pumps, valves, fans; Gear reduction box; Conveyors and elevators, Cranes, Constructing equipment and machines; auto and train electronic scale, quantitative scale; moulds and dies for use in plastic, casting and pressure forging industry. - Manufacture rolled steel, profile steel, welded steel pipe, workshop frame, and heat-insulated roof. - Manufacture hand tools, fasteners: conventional and specialized bolts and nuts included high-tension ones. - Manufacture environment protection equipment: Dust bag filter system, Waste processing equipment, Civil and industrial sewage processing system. - Design and make Automatic control system (using PLC, CNC, PC, etc). - Provide with and install safe equipment such as anti-fire, antidetonant systems for industrial fields. - Manufacture and build-up over weights and over size equipment, high-pressure equipment used in industry. - Export labors and experts for working overseas in limited time. - Train technicians and high skilled workers for Mechanical Engineering, and Automation.
Lightnin Mixers - Vietnam Sales Representative GIA KHUONG Co., Ltd
Le Ban Trading Company Limited

- Japanese Valve Manufacturer , Gland packing, Vortex Gasket, Joint sheets , ... - To introduce G-7 product, packages services , VN§ payment , ...
Thanh Dung Mechanical Moulding Private Enterprise

- Design & manufacture moulds on CNC & EDM - Machining: Milling, shaping, sheet cutting, static electrical painting, pressing, buckling etc. - Assemble: Machine tools, pressing machine, welding machine, cutting machine, drilling machine etc - Sale : Machine tools, pressing machine, welding machine, cutting machine, drilling machine etc - Please send us deta led plan of mould or product model. Anyre quirement for moulding design will be met by our technicians. - Machining customers' products as required
Viet-Tiep Lock Company

Beside of locks are sold in the market such as Iron padlock, brass padlock, ion straight bow padlock, brass straight bow padlock, wardrobe lock, motobyke lock, bicypadlock, chestlock... The Clemon locks are menufactured which are characterized by a high level of security, durability and nice.
Intergraph South East Asia Company Limited

- Intergraph Company Ltd. specialises in providing a range of complete solutions based on Intergraph products and services to the following industries: + GIS/Mapping/Cartography + Geospatial Information Management + Telecommunications + Utilities + Plant Design + Defense + Aerial & Satellite Imagery
Intec Company Limited
Hong Ky Mechanical Comapny
Our mechanical Hong Ky specializes in manufacturing and trading Tool Machines for Mechanical Constructing sector, Wood-processing Machines and wide variety of Motors, Water Pumps with high quality, meeting more and more increasing demand of clients.All our products are fully guaranteed within 12 months. What's more, we are also provide many mechanical products of other famous manufacturers.
Ha Yen Trading & Manufacturing Company Limited

- Supplies to customer a package service from Consultancy, design, production, supply (Domestic and foreign importing equip) to installation, maintenance, guarantee - Consultancy - Design - Supply - Installation - Guarantee - Maintenance - Spare parts supply. - We've done successfully big & small projects on equip & line for food processing in Viet Nam & Campodia - Branch : H2/D2 Van Thanh Bac, Binh Thanh Dist, Ho Chi Minh City - Tel: (84.8) 8 999 262 - Fax: (84.8) 5 120 460
Dong A Company Limited

- Import : The company specializes in trading Stainless steels, Special Steels, Non-ferrous Metals and other Hardware products as well as other materials for processing. We are one of the leading Stainless Steel trader in Vietnam, with variously Stainless Steel materials which are mainly Japanese, Korean, European, Thailand, Indian,Taiwanese origin and others depending on the customer's requirements and conveniences. Stockist and Dealer. - Export : Stainless steel, special steel and nonferrous metal. Supplying argricultural food, Textile- Garments to Europe and North America, barter trading with companies all over the world - Representative & Joint-venture : We are ready in position of being distribution agent for foreign suppliers, to make an joint- venture, cooperation with domestic partners. - Investment : Attending tender of highways, bridge, chemical, oil projects of the Government. We also act as Stockbrocker. - 20 Thien Phuoc, Ward 9, Tan Binh Dist., Hochiminh City, Vietnam. - Tel: (84-8) 8655858/8643312 - Fax: (84-8) 8643315 - Email: ;
Dong Nai Mechanical Factory
- Design, manufacture and construction of mechanical products, waste material treatment works. - Consultancy, survey and technical design of electric lines and transformers up to 35KV. - Construction of low tension lines and installation of transformers.. - Dong Nai Mechanical Factory is specialized and experienced in the manufacture and installation of cashew nut processing equipment, livestock feed processing equipment, starch processing equipment, steel structures such as warehouse steel frames and rafters, water towers, storage tanks in iron and stainless steel, mechanic products for agriculture, industries, construction.
Decotex Company Limited
Da Nang Machenical & Electrical Equipment Company

- Case, Drive chain upper and under half , Bar comp, Side Stand , Stand Comp , Main , Bar Comp, step, Swingarm Assy
Comnet Industries Company - C I C
CommanD Automation Group

- Add: CommanD Building, 28 Bach Mai, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi, Vietnam - Tel: (844) 8682872 - Fax: (844) 6272056
Dong Anh Mechnical Company
- Specializes in manufacturing grinding media (ball and cylpebs) and spare parts for cement, thermo-electricity, chemical fertilizer industry; manufacturing spare parts for construction equipment and repairing construction equipment; manufacturing steel structures to service national economic industries - Wear resistant alloys Corrosion and heat resistant steels Carbon and low-alloy steels. Ductile, Grey cast and alloy irons -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Control sand plant by Computer program Turbomixer TM 190-55 (Germany) with productivities 25T per hour. Automatic moulding machine DMM 20313 LP with productivity 200 moulds per hour. Cooling products and recycling moulding sand in DISACOOL. Main products : High chromium grinding media. Sizes balls: ø15 - ø 100; size cylpebs 16 x 16 - ø25 x 30.
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