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Vietnam Mechanical & Equipment

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Vietnam Mechanical & Equipment
  1. Equipment (38)
  2. Home Supplies (15)
  3. Machines (35)
  4. Mechanical (36)
Companies Export Import Trading
Online goods Distributors Motor and car Banking and Finance
Consumer goods Food and Drink Suppliers Equipment - Material
Home appliances Fashion Machinary
Vinavit Trading Manufacturing Company Limited

- We have produced more than 500 kinds of high quality screws, bulong, in order to serve for fields like: construction, wooden processing industry, heavy industry, light industry, electricity, electronic, and comsuming, etc ... Especially, we have been producing "stainless steel bolts and screws" (Inox) with high quality. - And our company had supplied for more than 50 provinces and cities in domestic as well as in foreign countries. - Add : 117B An Duong VuongSTR - 10 Ward - 6 th Dist - HCM City
Viet Kim Joint Stock Company
Viet Ha Company Limited

- Add : 204 Dien Bien Phu Str., Dist. 3 - HCM - Tel : (84 8)-9322250 - Fax: (84 8)-9322250
Viet Ha Company Limited
Victory Company Limited

- Add : 166A / 3A ThUch Qu¶ng §øc - QuËn 4 - HCM - Tel: (08) 8477217 - Fax: (08) 9970283
TSD Technical Service Development Company Limited

- Arc Welding Equipment - Resistance Welding Equipment - Cutting Machines - Other
Toan My Commerce and Manufacturing Ltd
The Cao Company Limited
+ Esbelt conveyor are made from Spain with ISO 9002 standard category . There are wide range of Belts that would fit the need of many fields of ventures : food processing, wood production, ceramic production either for specific industrial or automated industrial requirements. + Charles Walker Conveyor, drive and transfer Belting are made from England with ISO 9002 standard category . Belt applied for many field : textle, garment, printing ang others .
TDN Trading Co ., Ltd
T.C Company Limited
- P.A System , Conference System , Interpreter System , Intercom and Doorphone , Apartment System , Video Doorphone , Private Automatic Branch Exchange , Fire alarm System , Fire lighting System , .....
Tan Hung Company Limited
Importer and distributor of high-quality medical equipment from well-known manufacturers with efficient aftersales services.
Viet Nam Scalewacher Company Limited
Quynh Company Limited

Phong Thanh Trading Manufacturing Company Limited

- Phong Thanh Co., Ltd. specializes in producing castors, handcarts, Solid rubber wheels and steel hubs for industrial and common usage. Our products are exported to Australia, Taiwan, USA, and EU all over the world. - We also produce any specifications according to your requires.
Nam Quang Scientific Service Company
Minh Quan Equipment Company Limited

- Trading & Service Industrial Valve, pump & Compressor equipment
Viet Nam National Machinery Import - Export Corporation
- Import - Export agencyship - Trade consultancy - Logistics: goods in transit, warehousing, temporary import for re- export - After sale service maintenance, repair, parts distribution - Office rent - Freight and passenger transport - Manpower export.
Long Long Trading & Technical Company Limited

- Supplying of equipment, spare parts for Industries - Supplying of equipment and technology solution for environmental application - Add : 115 Le Duan St., HoanKiem District, HaNoi, Viet Nam - Tel : (84) 4 9422 040 - Fax : (84) 4 9422 042
Lee Hung Scientific Pte Ltd

- Calibration - Service & Repair of scientific equipment - On spot demonstration and training - Laboratory consultation in turnkey, laboratory setting up, custom design & install laboratory furniture, fume cupboard and equipment
Khanh Ha Trading Service Freezing Company Limite

- Investigating, designing, installing industrial and domestic refrigeration systems. - Repairing, operating and maintaining industrial and domestic refrigeration systems. - Supplying various kinds of materials and equipment for industrial and domestic refrigeration system. - Consulting energy saving for factories, companies, hotels, ect . - Cold storage for leasing, especially for agro and sea products. - Factory: 8 Go O Moi St., Phu Thuan Ward, Dist.7, Ho Chi Minh City - Tel: (84.8) 8 731 093 - 8 731 773 .
Hydrometeorological Technical Materials Company
- Purchase, import and export directly technical instruments and materials serving for measurement and investigation purposes in the hydrological, meteorological, oceanographic, environmental fields, supply metal wear, electrical and mechanical appliances. - Manufacture, install, repair instruments in the fields. - Design, construct and install hydrometeorological stations. - Manufacture woodworks for civil and specialized purposes. - Counsel and handover technology, supply technical service for instruments in the fields.
HVT Bike Auxiliary Company

- To producing battery , filter wind , reflected light number plate , .....
Ha Noi Huy Hoang Lock Company Limited

- We have 50 kinds of product, which are manufactured on the most modern production lines in developed country such as America, Japan, Germany. Our production lines are completely controlled by digital program automatically. - Huy Hoang products all has “Elephant” symbol that is supported from Vietnam Own Industrial Department.
Hoang Quoc Company Limited

Together with many international leading manufacturers in Europe, Germany, Japan, America... that we are their representative or agent, we will bring you a complete range of product: - Many kinds of sensor and actuator of Automation system - Measurement, Analytical, laboratorial equipments - Didactic and training equipment of Electric, Electronic and Automotive Technology. - Industrial equipments, Tool machines, CNC, CIM Production system
Hai Son Company Limited
- Components - Equipment, Machinery, and Instruments - Information Technology Products - Calibration Maintenance and Instrumentation Tracking Solution - Total Control Systems - Consulting service , Designing service , Procurement service , PLC/ HMI Programming , System Integrator .
Hai Duc Company Limited

- HAI DUC Co . Ltd is located in Hochi minh City VIETNAM , having ages of activity & prestigions in the following fields : + Bearing : With experience for year in bearing field, we have a wide range of bearing and well-know brand of the world. Specially, we are official Agency of bearing plants such : FAG, TORRINGTON, URB, MPZ, GPZ, TWB ... + Japan Spare Part : Haiduc Co is official Agent for Talk System from Japan, a leading trade company for all kind of spare pants, component, mechanical, Electronic, compressed air . Industry Electricity, for years of experience + PET Bottle : all of the products.
Godrej Company Limited

- Singapore Industrial Park, Binh Duong Province and has been producing Steel Furniture for office, household, and hospitals. Our products are made from quality steel, with modern technique and are powder coated. Therefore they are long lasting superior in quality.
Hung Phong Trading & Manufacturing Private Company
Electro Mechanical Refrigeration Investment and Assembly Company
- Production of mechanical products for industrial and civil use, mainly in Foods and Beverages (beer, alcohol, soft drinks) Industries. - Installation of the mechanical refrigeration projects - Construction of the industrial projects - Eresson’s mission is to be a Vietnam’s leading equipment supplier in Brewery, soft drink and food processing industries by supplying customers our good quality products , installation and after-selling perfect services with high reliability like any similar enterprise in the world.
Duc Thanh Enterprise

- Our products consist of different accessories for butt swivel, lock, decorative clevis to meet the riquirements in the fields as: - Manufacture shoes, sandels, caps, sewing handbag, garment, decoration,advertisment as kinds of key’s butt swivel etc.
§ong A Company Limited
- Import : The company specializes in trading Stainless steels, Special Steels, Non-ferrous Metals and other Hardware products as well as other materials for processing. We are one of the leading Stainless Steel trader in Vietnam, with variously Stainless Steel materials which are mainly Japanese, Korean, European, Thailand, Indian,Taiwanese origin and others depending on the customer's requirements and conveniences. Stockist and Dealer. - Export : Stainless steel, special steel and nonferrous metal. Supplying argricultural food, Textile- Garments to Europe and North America, barter trading with companies all over the world - Representative & Joint-venture : We are ready in position of being distribution agent for foreign suppliers, to make an joint- venture, cooperation with domestic partners. - Investment : Attending tender of highways, bridge, chemical, oil projects of the Government. We also act as Stockbrocker. - 20 Thien Phuoc, Ward 9, Tan Binh Dist., Hochiminh City, Vietnam. - Tel: (84-8) 8655858/8643312 - Fax: (84-8) 8643315 - Email: ;
Dong Hai Company
CFPT - Technology & Development Company

- supplies various types of high-tech products to Police and Army agencies all over Vietnam: Protective Equipment , forensic science Technology , Surveillance Equipment , Traffic Control System - Designing, supplying and install the system of Access Control, specific protection. - Trading with equipments and materials under permission. - Consultancy for investment and construction (excluding construction design, civil construction, infrastructural and industrial construction) - Trading with chemistry, ink, equipment for laboratory.
An Bao Joint Stock Company

- AnBao is a Joint Stock Company that supplies, designs, consults, installs, and maintains the security and fire protection systems, so that your property and human will be more safety protected. - Add : 269 Tran Binh Trong St. Dist. 5 - HCMC - Phone: (84-8)-8332776 - Fax: (84-8)-8393463 .
ACS Solutions Company Limited

- Is a professional consultatant providing solution, installing access control system, CCTV surveillance. - Provided access control systems, CCTV surveillances, design and print ATM cards, employee cards.
Hung Dao Container Joint Stock Corporation

- Container inland services, repair, maintenance - Containerized office, toilet, storehouse. - Container Sales & Lease - Garment on hanger equipment installation. - Repair & Maintenance, PTI reefer container. - Refrigerator truck installation by Reefer containers. IICL CRITERIA Hai Phong and Hanoi Branch available
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