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Vietnam Chemicals & Plastics

            1. Chemicals and Plastic (50)
            2. Oil and Rubber (24)

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Daso Company Limited
- Daso is proud to be one of leading detergent and cosmetic manufacturers in Vietnam in term of production capacity and market share. Daso is proud as well to be the first detergent and cosmetic manufacturer to achieve the quality management system ISO 9002. Daso products have been warmly welcome by majority of consumers thank to their high quality being the advance-grade in technology level, packaging materials and designs, measures for protection of environment.
Long Cam - VietNam Stainless Steel Factory
We at LC1, one of the leading private enterprises in Vietnam, specialize in manufacturing and trading various kinds of inoxware primely in coffee filter and other kitchenwares serving for hotels, restaurants, houses.. such as: - Alcohol- burning boiler. - Alcohol - burning plate. - Various kinds of spoon and forks. - Seasoning pots such as: pepper and chilli power pots...etc..
Mining Chemical Company
- Main products : Explosives Zecno, Anfo and Anfo water-resistant , AH1explosive to be used in underground coal mine with gas and coal dust , Manufacturing construction materials and bulk rock (Bazan) for export , Plastic particle PVC, PE membrane , Electric mine wive - MAIN SERVICES OF MICCO : The team of blasting technicians is preparing before going to blasting site , The team of special bulk trucks for manufacturing, transporting and loading explosives at blasting hole of site , Blasting service for customer's demand at site in south area
Net Detergent Company
- Business production - Export chemical washing such as detergent, detergent cream, dish washing liquid. - Import chemical material for production. - Our products are also introduced and solen at hospitals, companies, restaurant and hotel systems, factories, schooles, and inductrial parks as well
Petrolimex Gas Corporation
Thabico Trading Manufacturing Limited Company
- Specially carries on chemical in sea food, food stuffs, industry, paint, paraffin, pharmaceutical products, rubber, agricuture, plastic insulator .
Zippo Manufacturing Company
- John came to Viet Nam in late 1993 to visit orphanages he assisted in supporting and to investigate business opportunities. Forecasting the lifting of the U.S. embargo against Viet Nam, John began to set up businesses in diversified fields of interest which included construction, beverages, garments, handicrafts and of course, Zippo products - Zippo Viet Nam managed to achieve a level of comfort working together with the local merchants and began establishing their Zippo distribution network.
Xa Do Viet Nam Company
- XADO Corporation is situated in Kharkov, Ukraina. It was founded in 1991. The basic activity is high technologies. Since 1996 the company specialists deal with development, perfection and implementation of various methods of using the new-really revolutionary, energy-saving and ecologically reasonable reconditioning technology whose essence and key element is XADO compound.
Viet Nam National Salt Corporation
- Develop and implement masterplans for the production of salt and other related products; - Product and supply of Raw salt, Washed salt, Refined salt, Iodized salt and by- products; - Maintain the national salt reserve - Design and construct Saltwork - Design, manufacture, and assemble. Refinning & Iodate mixing factories - Provide consulting services on economic and technical aspects of salt - Production and other related activities - Enter into joint ventures with local and foreign partners in the production and sale of salt products - Import and export salt and other products
Tien Hung Trading Company Limited
- Import & Export the chemicals for the Oil Drilling Fluids. - Import & Export the chemicals for the Sugar Manufactories - Import & Export the Organic and Inorganic chemicals for the Other Industries
Thong Phat Trading Services Company Limited
Phu Dinh Static Electricity Paint
Termite Control & Fumigation Company ( TCFC )
+ Termite control. + Pesticide spraying + Fumigation + Fumigation of agricultural products, seafood, art products etc... for import and export. + Fumigation of goods, national reserve storage, processing foodstuffs, coffee, tobacco, fodder; Fumigation of warehouse, airplane, railroad car and hotel etc...
Pinaco - Dry Cell & Storage Battery Company
Our primary products: - R6, R14, R20 dry cell battery in the trade- mark:The Eagle, Pinaco. - Maintenance-free Lead acid battery for automotive and motorcycle in the trade-mark :JP, dongnai, Pinaco CuuLong - Export garments to the members countries of Europea Community, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Taiwan...
Union of Science & Industrial Testing Production for Biology- Chemistry ( UBC )
Chemical Technology. Biological Technology. Technologies for processing and preservation of fresh foodstuff and vegetable, fruits. Technologies for treatment and taking full advantage of various wastes (solid, liquid, gas) to protect environment effeciently.
Viet Nam - A Composite Roofing Plastic Company Limited
- Specializes in producing and supplying Fiberglass Resin Polyester products. Our products include lighting tole, tole without lighting, upturn roof-top, arris gutter, plane surface in accordance with customers' specifications in roofing houses, warehouses, recreational areas ... - Especially, with composite material we also manufacture products such as: anti-pollution cesspool brings you safety living, waterproofing for construction, concrete yard, swimming pool ...
Vinh Co Melamine & Plastic Industry
- Production technology know how and equipment are transferred by Taiwan Jewellery Enterprise Co., Ltd. Our products are safe, non-toxic scratch resistant and high temperature
VanLe - Resin Company Limited
Van Dat Melamin Ware Company Limited
Bewell Plastic Mould Company Limited
Trieu Du Bon Plastics Manufacturing Company Limited
Thuan Thien Plastic Trading Manufacturing Company Limited
- Specialized in production of high quality plastic tubes & container for cosmetics, pharmaceutical , & foodstuff ulitities - Trading in plastics material - Tubes of quality improved continuously comparable with tubes made in developing countries, can be exported to regional countries and others .
Thanh Huu Plastic Manufacturing & Trading Company Limited
- PRODUCTS : Manufacturing a range of different products to cater the Agriculture and packaging Industry supplying for export Rice, Fertilizer, Potatoes, Grain, Cement, Chemical, Sugar ...etc... from Europe to Asia such as : WPP Bags, Gussetted Bags, Sandbags, PP Bags with valve, Rashel Bags, Leno Bags, PP – PE – HDPE Bags, Laminated PP Bags, Tarpauline .... etc ....
Tan Tien Plastic Packaging Company
Tan Thuan An Manufacturing & Trading Co ., Ltd
- TAN THUAN AN is one of the most modern machinery line in Viet Nam. Specialized in manufacturing carton, caton box and variety of flexible packaging (BOPP). Meeting all customer's packaging demands - With carton and flexible film machinery line, we can supply big size of packaging, and long time preservation packaging. - With 3 colors flexco and 8 colors gravure printing machine for making BOPP film or bag
Tan Dai Hung Trading & Manufacturing Plastic Company
- Main Products: PP woven bags, PP bags with gussets, Sand bags, PP box bags,Post bags,PP bags with valve, Leno Mesh bags, shopping bags, rubbish bags etc. - Our products are able to be laminated with LDPE/HDPE or Craft paper.
Wen Wu Enterprise Limited
- Associatively producing and supplying plastic pipes and spare parts: Pipe for telecommunication and electricity use. Pipe for water supply and drainage. Pipe for agricultural activities and floating cage...
Viet Nam South Plastics Association
- Add : 331 §iÖn Biªn Phñ - QuËn 3 - HCM. - Tel : (84.8).839 8245 - Fax: (84.8).834 4085
Huu Nghi Company of Soldering sticks and Mechanical-Construction Installation
Tan Dai Hung Trading Plastic Company
- Main Products: PP woven bags, PP bags with gussets, Sand bags, PP box bags,Post bags,PP bags with valve, Leno Mesh bags, shopping bags, rubbish bags etc. - Our products are able to be laminated with LDPE/HDPE or Craft paper.
Behn Meyer International Trading Pte. Ltd.
Currently, the company promotes specialty chemicals for the food, beverage, personal care, leather, rubber, water treatment, paper production and animal nutrition / health care industries, as well as fertilizers, crop protection products and process machinery.
Binh An Energy Corporation - Hai Phong
- Manufacture of LPG cylinder DOT ( USA) standard and TCVN 6292 standard. Our products have been granted certificate of conformity ISO 9002, Certificate No 104475 by BVQI. - Design & Install LPG equipment for industrial customers. - Wholeseller of various worldwide famous LPG products such as: MT - MIYARI Valve (JAPAN), WON Valve(KOREA), KATSURA ASIA Regulator (JAPAN), FISHER Regulator(USA), VAPORIZER Longmen( USA, TAIWAN, KOREA), INFRA_RED BUNER ASIA. - Sole Agent for Solar Heater.
Thanh My Technology Rubber Enterprise
Coloured Rubber Company
Prodóct - Fashion shoes - Slippers - Sport shoes
The Southern Rubber Industry Company - Casumina
It consists of great factories in South of Vietnam specializing in producing many kinds of tyres and inner for bicycle, motorcycle, industrial car, truck, tractor, and other rubber products such as gloves, rubber accessories, conveyor belt, bridge fender, dock fender...
Cheng Li Specialize In Producing Plastic Products
Cho Lon Plastics Company
- Household plastics items . - Kinds of freezing pot - Kid toys. - Domestic electricappliances ....
Dai Dong Tien Plastic Company Limited
- Specializes in manufacturing and trading plastic products ,At present, Dai Dong Tien Co. can supply more than 200 kinds of plastic products which used in household and industry such as: Pallet, Crate, Paint barrel, especially in technology of Food packaging. -Dai Dong Tien Co. has met customer's demands from the North to the South of Viet Nam and also to oversea markets such as: Australia, Newzealand, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Philipines, Indonesia and England.
Dong H­ng Plastics Company Limited
produce PP, PE and HDPE-coated bags, PP woven bags for fertilizer, animal feeds, postal items, sugars, agricultural produces, chemicals etc.
Duy Tan Plastic Company
- House-hold wares: basin, stool, various kinds of shelves,... using PP, PE, PS, ABS resin - Packaging for cosmetics: bottles for cosmetics, bath cream, detergent liquid, dish washing liquid,... using PP, PE, PVC, PET resin. - Packaging for foodstuffs: Wide mouth jars for candies, foddstuffs,... using PP, PVC, PET resin. Bottles for cooking oil, mineral water, fruit juice,... using PP,
Fuvi Mechanical Technology Company Limited
- FUVI is a leading company in making plastic injection molds and plastic products in Vietnam .
Hiep Thanh Plastic Company
-Specialized in the trading of plastic raw material. - Production and work of products from high grade industrial plastic for home plastic ware such as : Table, chair, pail, basin, basket... - Production of high grade Melamine plastic such as :Bowl, plate, great bowl... - Accept customer's order in large quality
Minh Hung Plastic Company Limited
- Minh Hung plastics company has specialized in manufacturing various kinds of PVC pipes, PE pipes, fittings and solvent cements for water supply & drainage, underground cables.
Song Long Co-operative
- Songlong Co-operative, founded in 1960, specializes in trading and manufacturing plastic housewares and industrial components made from various kinds of plastic, such as PP, PET, ABS, HDPE, PVC, PS etc. - Line of products : Chairs, waste baskets, tables, hand baskets, shelves, buckets, basins, blown items, other products...
Rang Dong Plastics Company
Quang Hung Plastico Company Limited
- Manufacturing of furniture line of products : Bathroom utility , Cake maker , Garden & out-door tool , Gymnastic tool , House ware , Kitchen ware , New Products , Poly Resin , Present , Sanytary Tool , Stationary , Toy
Pants & Plastics Company - SCD
- Paint and Plastic Company (abbreviated to PPC) – a state owned business – is a member of Vietnam National Chemical Corporation. - PPC was established since May 1980. There are 5 factories belong to PPC. In recent years, PPC has invented in producing all kinds of PP woven bags, container bags, cement bags and carton boxes. With advanced Complete Lines and Technology imported from Austria, Germany and Taiwan, our products attain Vietnamese Standard and Exporting Standard in European markets.
Nam Phat Plastics Company Limited
Main products: - PP plastics string (used for cording, roping… ) with width of 5 mm to 19 mm, one colour printing - OPP, PP, PE plastics self-ticking, solid, hanging bag - PP, PE plastics angled clothes-hanging, button, ticking bag - PE soft plastics bag -
Lien Anh Designing And Manufacturing Injection Moulding
- Lien Anh specialize in design, manufacture the mould for industrial plastic; just as high-tech plastic product. - Design according to customer's idea, Design according to drawing of product, Modify drawing of product, Modify the shape of product , Copy the shape of product 100%.
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